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    • Becoming the Secret Storm

      Free legal download now at Noisetrade :: I put this collection together to bridge the old with the new. “Choreography” is my favorite of the records I’ve made as ‘Lauren Hoffman’. In 2015 I will be releasing new songs and videos under a new name, The Secret Storm. I can’t wait! I’ve had the same delicious, in-the-flow experience making this record with John Morand as I had during our first sessions working on “Megiddo” (my first album), and “The Chemist Said…” - the unreleased track from that time, finally included here. The first *new* song from The Secret Storm, “In The Sun”, feels like a natural evolution from that early stuff, through “Broken”, to the present. I have much more to show you and share with you in the coming year, like my killer new band, and the many moods of my next album, but I’m glad that this song will be your first taste.

      So, get yours here.




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